Antrea Fotiou

Lead in Corporate Recruitment & HR Advisory, HR Innovate

BSc (Hons) Psychology – UK

MSc Health Psychology – UK

MSc HR Management & Organisational Behaviour

Associate Member Cyprus HRMA

Having completed her studies in Psychology in University of Leicester and subsequently in DeMontfort University in the UK, Antrea then, professionally and academically moved into the working realm of HR management. She comes with strong experience in corporate environments, internal recruitment and the world of tax and audit.

Adding to the myriad blend of passions and expertise of her team, Antrea brings with her, her strong interest in conscious Recruitment, CSR, Corporate Well-being, Cross-Cultural and HR Consulting.

A firm believer in quality over quantity, Antrea is proud to boast a strong work ethic and an everlasting commitment to the pursuit of happiness through healthy workplaces.

Newly found interests: Yoga and the Universe(s)

“Treat your employees right, so they won't use your internet to search for a new job”