Our HR Services

What we can offer your business.

“Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.”

Recruitment & Executive Head Hunting

Recruitment with a difference, competitive fees and placements of value both in Cyprus and globally. HR Innovate aims to offer an exclusively people centered approach to Recruitment and Head Hunting. Let us screen and shortlist candidates for you, let us take away the precious time you do not have to waste on advertising your vacancies and reviewing dozens of CVs. Our relationships with our clients are both personal and confidential, your industry and company requirements detailed and profiled to ensure we match the right person to the job each and every time.

Careers Counselling

Targeted, solution focused sessions that are dedicated to offering clients an in depth assessment and analysis of their current situation, targeting issues they feel need attention. Sessions are on a one-to-one, confidential basis with qualified HR professionals and the team also features a UK qualified Business psychologist and Life Coach. Typically sessions cover areas such as:

  • Interview skills and training. The art of acing interviews and how to promote yourself.

  • Career Profiling and re-engineering your career.

  • Professional online profile: LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

  • Career and Personal Life Balance Management techniques.

  • Conflict Management and emotional issues around work and employment.

Consulting and Training

Ex US Peace Corps, professional Trainer and teacher - Kevin Brown offers over 20 years’ global experience and expertise in the fields of Leadership, Project Management, CRM, Customer Service to name just a few. Kevin is able to consult and customize organisations or individual managers anywhere in the world, tailoring interventions to suit each client and their participants.

CV Design and Review

Is it several years since you did your last CV? Or perhaps it is the first CV of your budding career? Allow us as HR and Recruitment professionals to design your new CV or streamline your existing one to ensure it is visible, professional and sought after by the top employers in your market.

Family Business Specialists & Succession Planning

Having given blood, sweat and tears to your company let us assist you in planning the future management and legacy of your business to ensure its success long term under the right leadership. As impartial, skilled HR professionals with psychological expertise we offer guidance at another level.

Terminations & Exit Planning

HR Innovate offers a customized Executive service and answer to the hard issue of letting people go and terminating employment contracts. Often an emotional hot bed of issues when this matter arises, we can step in as Professional consultants and outsiders and offer a stream lined, structured approach which will ensure employees leave your company in the best way possible, still as ambassadors of your company with nothing but the best to say about you but also with all end of contract issues taken care of and full reports from Exit interviews with each departing employee.

Employee Reference Checking & Onboarding

Let your partners at HR Innovate process the on-boarding of new employees by taking over the time consuming task of checking references and qualifications etc. of your new recruits.