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senior-management - human-resources

Head of Office

Paris France Full-Time Non-Remote

Our client's business is expanding worldwide, and we’re looking for talents to match their pace and passion. Established in 1999, our client is now hiring a Head of Office to launch their new Paris site.

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senior-management - finance

Head of Internal Audit

London United Kingdom

As the Head of Internal Audit, you will spearhead the full audit cycle involving risk management and control management over operations' effectiveness. You will keep the company aligned with all applicable directives and regulations. With

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senior-management - legal-compliance

Chief Risk Officer

London United Kingdom

As the Chief Risk Officer, you’ll ensure our client’s company adheres to laws, regulations, professional standards, and accepted business practices in that jurisdiction. Reporting to the UK board of directors, you’ll manage and enhance risk

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senior-management - forex

Chief Operating Officer

London United Kingdom

As the Chief Operating Officer, you’ll oversee the company’s online trading and internal business operations with a strong business background. You’ll work in partnership with the executive team to achieve company goals, provide strategic planning,

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FILLED information-technology - senior-management

Director of Product

Cyprus/UK/Greece Remote

Our client is a financial wellbeing service that aims to empower its members to achieve their financial goals. What started as a free monthly credit report to members has evolved into a hub where they

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